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About - Destination Yamaha Motor
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A world of adventure for everyone

Destination Yamaha Motor is an online travel platform aimed at everyone with a passion for adventure and a desire to discover new and exciting experiences on a range of Yamaha vehicles.

Open to anyone – and not just Yamaha owners – Destination Yamaha Motor enables today’s generation of thrill seekers and intrepid explorers to select their dream journey from a wide range of locations and options.

Working together with a selection of highly-experienced tour operators (our Partners), Destination Yamaha Motor not only introduces you to the people who will ensure a well-planned and worthwhile riding experience for you, but aims to inspire and tickle that curiosity each one of us has.

You’ve never done it before? – even better! Feel the excitement of a revving engine for the first time and let yourself be guided in a voyage in places never seen before.

From the little-known dirt trails of Mongolia or Vietnam to the picturesque, twisty roads of Southern Europe; from the northern lights of Sweden to the breath-taking mountain passes of South America: discovering your own way is well within your reach.


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